Watercolor Tubes

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  • Holbein Artists’ Watercolors come in 108 colors, in 15 mL tubes.
  • Shin Han Art PWC Extra Fine Artists' Watercolor is ideal for professional artists who demand uniform dispersion, maximum transparency, and brilliant color layering. A high degree of control over paint flow enables artists to precisely create washes on a variety of watercolor papers. This distinctive characteristic comes from our use of carefully selected pigments and high-grade Gum Arabic. All colors have the highest possible pigment load delivering vivid and exuberant colors. Highly adhesive and lightfast, Shin Han Extra Fine Watercolor is resistant to fading. The wide palette range includes opaque tint colors, which allow for greater freedom in design and illustration techniques.
  • Shin Han Art PASS Hybrid Colour comes in 48 colours of 20 mL tubes, and an exciting set of all 48 colours. Each tube is lightfast in varying degrees. Because of its incredibly high pigment load, use a little less than usual for transparent watercolour effects, and add a little bit more as you go for more opaqueness.
  • L’Aquarelle Sennelier watercolor tubes come in individual 10mL sizes. These watercolors lightfast and made in France from the highest-quality pigments, suspended in a honey base for smoother consistency and increased luminosity.
  • Shin Han Art Professional Korean Watercolour comes in 50 colours of 20 mL tubes, including metallic gold and silver. Its pigment binder is hide glue (as opposed to standard gum arabic), which is traditionally used in Asian art.