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  • Holbein Artists’ Watercolors come in 108 colors, in 15 mL tubes.
  • Shin Han Art PWC Extra Fine Watercolor is crafted with the highest quality pigments and the finest high-grade gum arabic. To enhance the clarity and depth of color, single pigments have been used whenever possible. The usage of mixed pigments has been limited. Using single pigments, watercolors are less prone to fading and the consistency of colors are improved. PWC offers exceptional clarity and transparency that artists desire, along with superior lightfastness to resist fading. PWC is ideal for spread techniques and color overlapping, bringing out the best in watercolor paper. The color palette offers a total of 104 colors that are transparent and subtle, yet intense and vibrant, allowing for an even greater freedom of expression.
  • Shin Han Art PASS Hybrid Colour comes in 48 colours of 20 mL tubes, and an exciting set of all 48 colours. Each tube is lightfast in varying degrees. Because of its incredibly high pigment load, use a little less than usual for transparent watercolour effects, and add a little bit more as you go for more opaqueness.
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    L’Aquarelle Sennelier watercolor tubes come in individual 10mL sizes. These watercolors lightfast and made in France from the highest-quality pigments, suspended in a honey base for smoother consistency and increased luminosity.
  • Shin Han Art Professional Korean Watercolour comes in 50 colours of 20 mL tubes, including metallic gold and silver. Its pigment binder is hide glue (as opposed to standard gum arabic), which is traditionally used in Asian art.
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