• These Mont Marte Plastic Palette Knives have flexible blades that have no cutting edge. They can be used in conjunction with brushes when applying paints onto a canvas or painting surface - create great impasto effects and lay down flat colour. They can also be used for mixing paint, mediums and pigments on your palette. Suitable for oil and acrylic paints. Ideal for all levels of artistic ability.
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    Add extra depth and dimension to your creative projects with our Texture Combs 4pc. Inside are four combs that can create four different texture patterns. Get a range of texture effects in no time by gliding the comb through your wet paint, plaster or clay project. Plus, they come with a handle for easy use and can be cleaned up after use with warm soapy water. Grab these multipurpose texture art tools today and create instant effects, great for home décor and DIY wall art projects.
  • FREDRIX Painting and Palette Knives are sturdy and long lasting with extra thin, flexible blades, ideal for mixing and applying paints. Because we control the manufacturing process, we hold ourselves to the highest standards using premium grade, non-toxic and non-acidic materials.
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    Set of 3 metal painting knives, suitable for expressive and structured work with oil and acrylic colours, as well as for mixing colours.
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