Langoy, Bata! invites Filipino kids (and kids at heart!) everywhere to explore the wonderful world of swimming. The Philippines is etched with thousands of miles of coastline, and is home to the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet. It is our birthright to excel as swimmers and as caretakers of the underwater world. Whether you learn at the pool or in the ocean, as a baby or as an adult, swimming isn’t just a sport— it’s a life skill that expands your world.The limited edition is a sturdy, compact hardbound that’ll surely be passed on for generations of book lovers and swimmers. Buy this book, featuring playful illustrations and words by Kuki Ulpindo (using tools exclusively from Art Whale) and a beautiful Filipino translation by Rey Agapay, and give the gift of love for the water.Proceeds from all books will jumpstart the Langoy Bata Pinoy Foundation in 2020, a start-up NGO that aims to make swimming education accessible to underprivileged communities.