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Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylic 5 120ml Tube and 3 Dosing Nozzle Set


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Amsterdam Standard Series provides you with everything you need if you want to use acrylic paint.


  • Titanium White 105
  • Primary Yellow 275
  • Primary Magenta 369
  • Primary Cyan 572
  • Oxide Black 735
  • 3x Dosing nozzles

In stock

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Those who paint with acrylic colours become inspired by Amsterdam from Royal Talens. What links you and Amsterdam is your creative expression. You supply the enthusiasm, talent and ambition. We supply the colours, auxiliaries, materials, knowledge and the opportunity to express yourself.

Amsterdam All Acrylics – the acrylic brand for serious artists โ€“ offers with the Standard and Expert series worldwide a very comprehensive palette of colours and a complete package of auxiliaries, all of high quality. With Amsterdam you can exceed your boundaries and your talent is given the space it needs to achieve the most attractive, creative results.

Ease of Use

  • The paint can be thinned easily with water
  • Short drying time: thin films of paint dry within half an hour
  • The specific preparation method makes the paint practically odourless

Amsterdam All Acrylics

  • Amsterdam Standard Series can be combined with all products of Amsterdam All Acrylics; therefore also with the colours of the Expert Series as well as all auxiliaries.
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