Awagami Handmade Thick Postcards with Coffee 10-pack


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Thick handmade cards suitable for many types of fine art, crafts and printing. Made in the “Tamezuki” method, an East-meets-West style of papermaking that allows for thicker sheets to be made. These cards have little bits of coffee mixed in with the pulp yielding a lovely decorative paper.

size 10 x 15 cm / Set of 10
material Kozo + Alpha Cellulose + Coffee
use Printmaking, drawing, collage, letterpress, bookarts, crafts

Awagami Handmade Thick Postcards with Coffee 10-pack660

In stock


Awagami’s famed indigo (“Aizome”) papers are used for a variety of our handmade notebooks, stationery and desk accessories. Here you will find a wonderful assortment of items for true paper aficionados; most are now available internationally for the first time…..Check here for some Awagami-branded merchandise here too. Arigato

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