Derwent Pastel Pencil 24-pc Set


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– The vast range of colours available allow artists to layer colours on top of each other in order to create new tints and hues.
– Can be easily mixed and blended.
– Suitable for all types of pastel work.
– Ideal for creating crisp, fine lines and detailed pastel studies.

  • P030 Process Yellow
  • P070 Naples Yellow
  • P100 Spectrum Orange
  • P130 Cadmium Red
  • P160 Crimson
  • P200 Magenta
  • P260 Violet
  • P280 Dioxazine Purple
  • P290 Ultramarine
  • P340 Cyan
  • P350 Prussian Blue
  • P410 Forest Green
  • P430 Pea Green
  • P450 Green Oxide
  • P510 Olive Green
  • P530 Sepia
  • P560 Raw Umber
  • P580 Yellow Ochre
  • P590 Chocolate
  • P640 Terracotta
  • P650 French Grey Dark
  • P680 Aluminium Grey
  • P710 Carbon Black
  • P720 Titanium White
Derwent Pastel Pencil 24-pc Set1,400

Out of stock


Pastels are usually all about getting your hands dirty but not with Derwent Pastel Pencils. The wide colour strip is powdery and soft so mixing and blending is really easy and because it is encased in wood you get the pastel effect without the mess (if you can resist using your fingers to blend!).

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