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Gamblin Linseed Stand Oil


Gamblin Stand Oil is a thickened version of Refined Linseed Oil. Modifying oil colors with Gamblin Stand Oil increases flow and gloss and slows dry time. Colors mixed with Stand Oil will dry to a smooth, enamel-like finish. Use sparingly or mix with an equal amount Gamsol to create a traditional, slowdrying, high-viscosity painting medium.

250ml 616


Vacuum bodied linseed oil.

Dry Time*
Slow ● ● ○ ○ Fast

Thin ● ● ● ● Thick

Matte ● ● ● ● Gloss


  • Thickened linseed oil for traditional techniques
  • Self-leveling, sticky feeling
  • Add 50% Gamsol to create thin layers with no brushmarks

Gamblin Medium Guide

*Dry Time
The dot indicators are relative and intended for comparison purposes. Dry times vary depending on colors used, absorbency of the painting surface, thickness of paint layers, and environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity).

Approximate drying rates:

●●●● – 24 hours
●●●○ – 48 hours
●●○○ – 48-72 hours
●○○○ -4 days or longer

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