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Golden Glazing Liquid Gloss


Gloss Glazing Liquid [formerly Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Gloss)] can be mixed with GOLDEN Acrylic colors to create glazes for fine art as well as interior application on walls or furniture. The slow drying formula provides sufficient working time for a wide variety of glaze and decorative finishes normally accomplished with oils. It is also excellent for soft transitions and color blending in paintings. Available in Gloss and Satin.

Note: Packaging design may vary.

Golden Glazing Liquid Gloss - 237 ml 237 ml 560
Golden Glazing Liquid Gloss - 473 ml 473 ml 950


GOLDEN Mediums & Additives provide infinite control with acrylic colors. Mediums control transparency, viscosity and surface sheen, while additives control paint’s working properties.