Golden Fiber Paste


Fiber Paste when dry has the appearance of handmade paper. It can be skimmed with a wet palette knife to make a smoother surface. The dry off-white color is absorbent, making it ideal for use with acrylic washes.

Note: Packaging design may vary.

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Gels and Mediums range in thickness from watery to paste-like consistencies and allow artists to manipulate their acrylic paint systems. Even though acrylic colors are offered in various different consistencies and finishes, the use of gels and mediums in conjunction with such colors broadens the working properties and expands on the possible results. GOLDEN Gels and Mediums are extremely versatile, and can be used for:

  • Altering Consistency
  • Altering Sheen
  • Gluing/Laminating
  • Increasing Film Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Adding Texture
  • Priming Supports
  • Paint-Making Binders

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about these products.

Why Are There So Many Gels and Mediums?

Over the years, artists have continuously requested new gels and mediums that behave and handle differently than those existing at the time. Golden Artist Colors has always listened very carefully to the requests of our customers. Through working directly with these professional artists, we have been able to formulate the desired products. As a result, GOLDEN is recognized as the leader in the field of gels and mediums, and has an exceptionally broad range of such products.

Admittedly, such a large number of different gels and mediums to choose from may often seem confusing to artists. However, with at least a general understanding of the various products available, and an inclination towards experimentation, artists can create new ways in which to express themselves, and probably apply materials in a way that GOLDEN has not even thought about.

What Are Gels and Mediums Made Of?

The gels and mediums can be thought of as colorless paints, as they are composed of the same polymers as GOLDEN Acrylic paints. Essentially, they are the “glue” or binder that dry to form continuous, durable films. They are made of 100% acrylic polymers, which are proven to have excellent flexibility and chemical, water and ultraviolet radiation resistance.

What Do Gels and Mediums Do?

GOLDEN offers a wide selection of gels and mediums, but this doesn’t mean that each one has limited uses. Because of their very nature, most gels and mediums can function in a variety of ways, yielding numerous results. The section that follows lists the most traditional use of such products, but by no means is this intended to be an all-encompassing and exhaustive list. There are always new and different ways in which these products can be successfully applied.

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