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Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Color 148ml Tube


The first acrylic colors offered by GOLDEN, Heavy Body paints are known for their exceptionally smooth, buttery consistency. The Heavy Body palette includes the largest assortment of unique pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion available to professional artists. These colors offer excellent permanency and lightfastness. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or dyes added.

Each Heavy Body color formula reflects the qualities of its pigment. Colors that tolerate a higher pigment load dry to a more opaque, matte finish. Colors that are more reactive and do not allow as much pigment loading tend to have a glossier, more transparent, finish. Because Heavy Body colors contain no matting agents, the gloss of each color will be different.

C.P. Cadmium Yellow Light #11201,560
C.P. Cadmium Yellow Medium #11301,560
Hansa Yellow Medium #1190960
Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium #1008960
Diarylide Yellow #11471,375
Primary Yellow #1530890
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue #15541,040
C.P. Cadmium Orange #10701,745
C.P. Cadmium Red Medium #11001,940
Naphthol Red Light #12101,220
Quinacridone Crimson #12901,560
Quinacridone Magenta #13051,560
Primary Magenta #15101,375
Cadmium Red Medium Hue #15521,040
Alizarin Crimson Hue #14501,560
Dioxazine Purple #11501,375
Ultramarine Blue #1400890
Cobalt Blue #11401,745
Cerulean Blue Chromium #10501,560
Phthalo Blue Red Shade #12601,040
Phthalo Blue Green Shade #12551,040
Manganese Blue Hue #1457820
Primary Cyan #1500890
Teal #1369960
Phthalo Green Blue Shade #12701,040
Phthalo Green Yellow Shade #12751,040
Jenkins Green #11951,560
Green Gold #11701,560
Sap Green Hue #14611,040
Yellow Ochre #1407820
Raw Sienna #1340820
Naples Yellow Hue #1459890
Burnt Sienna #1020820
Burnt Umber #1030820
Raw Umber #1350820
Van Dyke Brown Hue #1462960
Paynes Gray #1240890
Carbon Black #1040820
Mars Black #1200820
Titan Buff #1370820
Zinc White #1415820
Titanium White #1380820
Neutral Gray N5 #1445820
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Viscosity and Consistency

GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics are noted for their exceptionally smooth, rich, buttery consistency. These paints have the ability to “stand up” and retain brush strokes or palette knife marks on the canvas.

All HB colors are thixotropic in nature. This means that when brushing or stirring, the paints actually lose viscosity and feel much thinner. The faster the paints are moving, the thinner they feel. Returned to a state of rest, the paints gradually increase in thickness until they are again restored to their formulated viscosity.

Film Flexibility

The HB colors retain excellent flexibility when dry, greatly diminishing the possibility of cracking that occurs in other natural and synthetic polymer systems. The acrylics can absorb the constant stress and strain placed on canvas when shipped or as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. Please note: acrylics begin to harden at 15 degrees Centigrade or 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and become quite hard at temperatures below freezing. This is especially important to remember when shipping a painting in freezing conditions or when unrolling a painting that has been kept in cold storage.

Product Mixing Abilities

The HB Colors can be mixed with all of our GOLDEN Mediums, Gels and other paint lines, including our High Flow Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics, High Load Colors, Iridescent Colors, Paste Paints, and Matte Acrylics. By mixing paint lines, artists can produce a wide range of paint consistencies without compromising color strength. Heavy Body viscosity can also be reduced successfully with water. Remember: the more water added to the acrylics, the greater the subsequent shrinking of the paint layer. Too much water will reduce the binding capability of acrylic paints and tends to flatten out their sheen. Water works most effectively to increase the fluidity of the HB paints if a small amount of Acrylic Flow Release is added to the mixture.

Some artists have used other solvents, including alcohols, to thin the HB Acrylics. All of the acrylics are sensitive to additions of solvent. If you require this addition it is advisable to dilute the solvent first with water to reduce the shocking effect of the solvent. In some cases, adding solvent too quickly will coagulate the acrylic.

Blending with Mediums

The GOLDEN fluid mediums, including Polymer Medium, Acrylic Glazing Liquid, the GAC Mediums and the Airbrush Mediums, can be used to thin Heavy Body Acrylics. They also add a myriad of unique possibilities to the working and gloss properties of the paint surface. All GOLDEN mediums retain the film integrity of the acrylic, and in some cases they actually enhance the durability of the paint film. (Refer to Gels & Mediums Product Review for more information).

The swatches are for reference only. Shades and texture may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen.

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