Holbein Artists’ Oil Color 50ml Tube – White


Holbein Artists’ Oil Colors come in 148 standard colors, and 6 white colors in 50ml tubes.

Titanium White **** The most popular white, Titanium White is inert and non-reactive under most ordinary conditions. It has greater opacity than lead or zinc but tends to yellow in the short term. It is slower drying than lead but faster than zinc. It handles and mixes well, and its surface qualities may be strengthened by mixture with zinc oxide which also helps reduce the sometimes too intense tinting power inherent in titanium pigment.


Zinc White **** Zinc Oxide is more transparent than lead and its surface qualities are more brittle. It does not have the same brushing qualities, is slower drying and does not react to sulphur. It is whiter than lead.

Ceramic White **** A painting white developed by a joint research project of the Holbein Works Ltd. Laboratory and Japanese Government Industrial Laboratory, Ceramic White was developed to combine the most positive qualities of other painting whites when taken collectively. It contains titanium and strontium pigment which will not react with sulphur. Ceramic White offers superior surface strength without brittleness, increases tinting and covering power over lead and zinc, but when compared to titanium white, it offers increased transparency, drying time and visual whiteness. Excellent handling qualities.

Silver White *** S (Flake/Lead White) One of the first artificially produced pigments, white lead mixes well with oil to a smooth uniform viscosity and has excellent opacity and brush handling qualities. Possessing great surface strength, it is nevertheless toxic in nature and will react by darkening when exposed to sulphur compounds or fumes. The latter reactivity is not too important as lead pigment in use is normally well protected by the oils and varnishes with which it is mixed.

Permanent White **** A titanium white with the same general handling qualities but with a barium sulphate additive which inhibits yellowing in early drying while reducing tinting power and increases transparency. Available in two variations: Permanent White SF is produced using poppy oil, while Permanent White EX is produced using safflower oil.

Quick Drying White **** Made of titanium white, calcium carbonate, poppy oil, alkyd resin and petroleum solvent. This quick-drying white is best suited as an undercoat offering exceptional qualities of surface adhesion and durability. Non-yellowing and non-cracking, this white, when coated thinly (0.15mm) will dry in 4 to 5 hours, while application by brush, knife, squeegee or spatula in 2mm to 3mm textured thickness will take approximately 24 hours. Dilute and clean petroleum solvent.

Permanency Rating:
**** Absolutely Permanent
*** Permanent
S – Leaden Chemical origin colors, should avoid admixture with sulfide origin colors.

Holbein Artists' Oil Color 50ml Tube - White - Titanium White 413W400
Holbein Artists' Oil Color 50ml Tube - White - Zinc White 405W400
Holbein Artists' Oil Color 50ml Tube - White - Ceramic White 419CW680
Holbein Artists' Oil Color 50ml Tube - White - Silver White 411W400
Holbein Artists' Oil Color 50ml Tube - White - Permanent White 415W400
Holbein Artists' Oil Color 50ml Tube - White - Quick Drying White 421W1490

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Fine artists in the Philippines may now experience the superior pigments and excellent dispersion that Holbein Oil Colors are renowned for, resulting in consistent quality artworks.

The successful Oil colorist knows that of all the colors used, the quality of white is critical. Ground 4 to 5 times, the Holbein superiority will be obvious to the user. There are six painting whites and one under painting/foundation white, all of which are high percentage pigment colors, namely: Titanium White. Permanent White SF (Super Fine), Zinc White, Silver (Flake/Lead) white, Ceramic White and Quick Drying White (an under painting white), all in poppy oil. Economically priced Permanent White EX (Extra Fine) in Safflower Oil.

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