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Holbein Artists’ Watercolor 15ml Tube


Chinese White 201A235
Titanium White 203A235
Pyrrole Rubin 206A235
Quinacridone Red 205C355
Pyrrole Red 207A235
Perylene Maroon 208B265
Permanent Alizarin Crimson 209C355
Crimson Lake 210A235
Carmine 211A235
Rose Madder 212A235
Opera 213B265
Cadmium Red Light 214E490
Cadmium Red Deep 215E490
Cadmium Red Orange 216E490
Cadmium Red Purple 217E490
Vermilion 218F510
Vermilion Hue 219A235
Scarlet Lake 222B265
Brilliant Pink 225A235
Shell Pink 226A235
Quinacridone Scarlet 227C355
Naples Yellow 230A235
Jaune Brillant #2 232A235
Jaune Brillant #1 231A235
Lemon Yellow 233A235
Yellow Ochre 234A235
Permanent Yellow Lemon 235A235
Permanent Yellow Light 236A235
Permanent Yellow Deep 237A235
Permanent Yellow Orange 238A235
Aureolin 239D390
Cadmium Yellow Lemon 240C355
Cadmium Yellow Pale 241C355
Cadmium Yellow Light 242C355
Cadmium Yellow Deep 243C355
Cadmium Yellow Orange 244C355
Greenish Yellow 246C355
Brilliant Orange 247C355
Gamboge Nova 248B265
Isoindolinone Yellow Deep 249C355
Imidazolone Yellow 250B265
Imidazolone Lemon 251B265
Viridian 260E490
Viridian Hue 261A235
Hooker’s Green 262B265
Cobalt Green 263D390
Emerald Green Nova 264B265
Terre Verte 265A235
Permanent Green #1 266A235
Permanent Green #2 267A235
Cadmium Green Pale 269C355
Cadmium Geen Deep 270C355
Compose Green 271A235
Olive Green 274A235
Sap Green 275B265
Leaf Green 277B265
Bamboo Green 278B265
Shadow Green 279D390
Cobalt Blue 290D390
Cobalt Blue Hue 291A235
Cerulean Blue 292D390
Ultramarine Light 293A235
Ultramarine Deep 294A235
Verditer Blue 295A235
Compose Blue 296A235
Prussian Blue 297A235
Indigo 298A235
Turquoise Blue 299B265
Peacock Blue 301A235
Marine Blue 302C355
Royal Blue 303C355
Horizon Blue 304A235
Manganese Blue Nova 305B265
Cobalt Turquoise Light 306D390
Phthalo Blue Yellow Shade 307A235
Phthalo Blue Red Shade 308A235
Cobalt Violet Light 310F510
Mineral Violet 312B265
Mars Violet 313B265
Permanent Violet 315B265
Lavender 316A235
Quinacridone Violet 320B265
Quinacridone Magenta 319C355
Lilac 317A235
Umber 329A235
Light Red 330A235
Raw Umber 331A235
Burnt Umber 333A235
Raw Sienna 332A235
Burnt Sienna 334A235
Indian Red 335A235
Sepia 336A235
Ivory Black 338A235
Vandyke Brown 339A235
Peach Black 337A235
Lamp Black 340A235
Imidazolone Brown 341B265
Quinacridone Gold 342C355
Yellow Grey 351A235
Green Grey 352A235
Grey of Grey 353A235
Davy’s Grey 355A235
Payne’s Grey 356A235
Neutral Tint 357A235
Bright Rose 370B265
Bright Violet 375B265
Gold 390C355
Silver 391C355


– Holbein Artists’ Watercolors come in 108 colors, in 15 mL tubes.
– The world’s best watercolorists swear by Holbein Artists’ Watercolors and its superior pigments.
– Now available in the Philippines as pans and tubes.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 cm
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