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Kremer Watercolor Gray Colors 14 Half Pan Color Set


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14 very lightfast and transparent watercolors, half pans in a metal box

462008 Titanium White
463008 Zinc White
463608 Kremer White
479218 Warm Grey no. 1
479228 Warm Grey no. 2
479258 Warm Grey no. 5
479268 Warm Grey no. 6
479418 Cold Grey no. 1
479428 Cold Grey no. 2
479458 Cold Grey no. 5
479468 Cold Grey no. 6
124408 Bideford Black
471008 Bone Black
472508 Furnace Black

In stock


Kremer watercolors are made with old recipes calling for complex hand-made techniques using our historical and modern pigments. Selected organic, inorganic and vegetable pigments are combined with Kremer Watercolor Medium with the basis of Gum Arabic.