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Kremer Watercolour Earth Colors 14 Full Pan Color Set

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14 very lightfast and transparent watercolors, full pans in a metal box

111118 Russian Green Earth
115728 Burgundy Yellow Ochre
115748 Burgundy Red Ochre Medium
118108 Selenite, Marienglas
170008 Jarosite
170508 Natural Sienna, Monte Amiata
404308 Burnt Sienna No. 3
405108 Venetian Red
406128 Raw Umber, Italy
408108 Bohemian Green Earth
409208 Slate Gray, gray-green
410008 Van Dyck Brown
488008 Magnetite very fine
489338 Iron Glimmer violet

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Kremer watercolors are made with old recipes calling for complex hand-made techniques using our historical and modern pigments. Selected organic, inorganic and vegetable pigments are combined with Kremer Watercolor Medium with the basis of Gum Arabic.