MTN PRO Anti Rust Primer 400ml – Grey


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Anti rust primer formulated with acrylic resins and corrosion inhibitor pigments, makes it ideal for protecting any iron surface.

– Fast drying.
– Good elasticity.
– Easy of application and recoating.
– Good adherence.
– Does not contain lead.
– High covering power.
– Very high resistance to outdoor exposure.
– High anti-corrosion power.

MTN PRO Anti Rust Primer 400ml - Grey435

In stock

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Suitable as primer in spray paint systems. Its anticorrosive power makes it ideal as a primer coat for protecting any iron surface.
– Automotive industry
– Industrial applications
– Metal structures
– DIY – Maintenance

– Shake can vigorously for one minute after hearing mixer noise.
– Thoroughly clean, degrease, and dry the object to be painted. On rusty metallic surfaces, remove corrosion using a wire brush.
– Apply thin coats for best results, always thin layers is better than one thick, paintable after ten minutes with the same paint.
– Disconnect the electrical appliance before painting. Use it in well ventilated areas.
– Request safety data sheets

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