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MTN PRO Luminous Spray Paint 150ml


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Luminous paint that, when charged with light, glows in the dark. It also reacts to black light.

  • Long-lasting luminescence.
  • The luminous intensity depends on the quantity and uniformity of application.
  • When applied to white surfaces, a maximum luminous effect is obtained.

In stock

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MTN PRO Luminous Paintย is a water-based spray paint composed of pigments that may be charged with light in a short period of time, and afterwards, glow in the dark for a long period of time.

Ideal for marking evacuation routes, emergency panels, tunnels, parking lots, decorative items and areas without lighting where signage is needed. In addition, this paint has a powerful luminous reaction to ultraviolet light.

The effect is long-lasting and maximum performance is obtained when applied to white surfaces. However, we recommend posterior varnishing with acrylic varnish.

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