Shin Han PASS Watercolour and Gouache Hybrid

Shin Han PASS Watercolour and Gouache Hybrid


Shin Han Art PASS Hybrid Colour comes in 48 colours of 20 mL tubes, and an exciting set of all 48 colours. Each tube is lightfast in varying degrees. Because of its incredibly high pigment load, use a little less than usual for transparent watercolour effects, and add a little bit more as you go for more opaqueness.

Alizarin Crimson 802240
Carmine 804240
Permanent Red 806240
Bright Red 808240
Vermilion Hue 810240
Orange 811200
Yellow Orange 813240
Permanent Yellow Deep 815240
Permanent Yellow 816240
Lemon Yellow 817240
Jaune Brilliant 819240
Linden Green 821240
Light Green 822240
Greenish Yellow 824275
Olive Green 825240
Cobalt Green 827550
Sap Green 829265
Hooker'S Green 830240
Viridian Hue 832240
Shadow Green 834275
Compose Blue 841200
Blue Grey 842200
Peacock Blue 844240
Cerulean Blue Hue 845240
Cobalt Blue Hue 847240
Ultramarine Deep 849240
Prussian Blue 851240
Indigo 853240
Permanent Violet 856240
Heliotrope 858200
Blue Celeste 859200
Red Violet 861265
Lilac 863240
Opera 865240
Brilliant Pink 867240
Shell Pink 868200
Pink 870240
Yellow Ochre 878200
Raw Umber 880200
Light Red 882200
Burnt Sienna 885240
Brown Red 887265
Burnt Umber 890240
Vandyke Brown 892240
Sepia 893200
Black 895265
Grey 897200
White 899200
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Named after the train station pass to get from one point to another quickly, PASS Hybrid Colour is a unique creation of Shin Han Art. It is a hybrid of gouache and watercolour, with an increased pigment-to-binder ratio in order to achieve opaque gouache effects and luminous watercolour transparency with just one tube. PASS Hybrid Colour was made to address the practical needs of the huge South Korean art and design industry, in order to decrease the clutter of materials on their desks.

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