Shin Han Professional Acrylic Color 250ml


Acrylic Colors offer the workability and consistency of oils with a faster drying time and easy water-based clean-up. ShinHan Acrylic Colors provide artists with unparalleled quality in a brilliant palette of colors to help you create your next masterpiece.

Alizarin Crimson 502C 775
Carmine 503B 650
Naphthol Red Light 504B 650
Coral Red 506A 515
Shell Pink 543A 515
Cadmium Red Light 592D 935
Vermilion Hue 505B 650
Cadmium Orange 593D 935
Permament Orange 510C 775
Permanent Yellow Orange 511B 650
Cadmium Yellow 595D 935
Permanent Yellow Deep 515B 650
Permanent Yellow Light 516A 515
Lemon Yellow 517A 515
Naples Yellow 518B 650
Jaune Brilliant 519A 515
Olive Green 529B 650
Brilliant Yellow Green 525A 515
Permament Green Light 526C 775
Cadmium Green Light 597D 935
Cadmium Green 599D 935
Sap Green 527C 775
Hooker's Green 528C 775
Viridian Hue 530A 515
Emerald Green 523A 515
Bright Aqua Green 524A 515
Permanent Light Blue 535A 515
Brilliant Blue 536B 650
Cerulean Blue 532D 935
Cerulean Blue Hue 537B 650
Light Blue Violet 548A 515
Cobalt Blue 533D 935
Cobalt Blue Hue 538C 775
Ultramarine Blue 539B 650
Phthalocyanine Blue 540A 515
Permanent Violet 545A 515
Brilliant Purple 546A 515
Lilac 544B 650
Medium Magenta 547A 515
Magenta 542A 515
Compose Rose 549B 650
Brown Red 554C 775
Burnt Sienna 553A 515
Raw Sienna 552B 650
Burnt Umber 556A 515
Vandyke Brown 557A 515
Raw Umber 555A 515
Yellow Ochre 551A 515
Black 560A 515
French Grey No.1 561B 650
Titanium White 562A 515
Pearl White 563A 515
Pearl Gold 564C 775
Gold 565B 650
Silver 566A 515
Copper 567B 650
Fluorescent Magenta 571A 515
Fluorescent Orange 572B 650
Fluorescent Lemon 573B 650
Fluorescent Green 574B 650
Fluorescent Pink 575A 515

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ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color has a fast drying time that allows artists to quickly layer colors, each layer drying to a durable and exible nish. Their ability to withstand natural weathering and corrosion makes them perfect for mural painting. The colors are bold, intense and contemporary and are readily mixable in any possible combination. The heavy-body ShinHan Professional Acrylic Color create a textured brush stroke essential for impasto painting techniques.

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