Shin Han Professional Oil Color 50ml


The perfect selection of pure pigments

Oil Colors from ShinHanArt are carefully crafted for brilliant color, superior adhesion, and lightfastness that minimize discoloration. This precise formula for blending pure pigments and oil ensures ShinHan Oil Colors’ brilliance and reliability.

Alizarin Crimson 799E681
Crimson Lake 701D634
Carmine 756B506
Wine Red 757A460
Columbia Red Deep 796D634
Chinese Red 702C565
Scarlet 797C565
Cadmium Scarlet 785E681
Cadmium Red Deep 784E681
Cadmium Crimson 783D634
French Red Vermilion 726A460
Vermilion Hue 703C565
Pink Madder 765E681
Aurora Pink 790B506
Pink 764B506
Shell Pink 798A460
Coral Red 766B506
Cadmium Orange Pale 786C565
Permanent Yellow Orange 707B506
Apricot Yellow 761B506
Permanent Yellow Deep 728B506
Jaune Brilliant # 4 753A460
Naples Yellow 732A460
Jaune Brilliant # 3 752A460
Jaune Brilliant # 2 750A460
Jaune Brilliant # 1 704A460
Beige 767A460
Permanent Yellow 7104C565
Permanent Yellow Light 706C565
Lemon Yellow Pale 743A460
Lemon Yellow 705B506
Cadmium Yellow Light 787C565
Cadmium Lemon Prim 788B506
Cadmium Green Prim 789D634
Cinnabar Green Light 770B506
Compose Green # 1 745A460
Permanent Green Light 744B506
Permanent Green Pale 712B506
Emerald Green 710A460
Permanent Green Middle 713B506
Viridian Green 780C565
Ice Blue 730B506
Viridian Hue 709C565
Cobalt Green Pale 791F778
Cobalt Green Dark 792D634
Green Grey 746A460
Cinnabar Green Deep 771B506
Green Oxide of Chrome 729A460
Mono Warm 748A460
Greenish Yellow 782A460
Olive Green 714B506
Sap Green 711A460
Grass Green 781B506
Dark Green 7103B506
Indigo 794C565
Prussian Blue 731A460
Hydrangea Blue 762B506
Manganese Blue 763A460
Ultramarine Blue 717D634
Cobalt Blue 793C565
Cobalt Blue Hue 715B506
Cerulean Blue Hue 716A460
Compose Blue 718A460
Turquoise Blue 733A460
Verditer Blue 747A460
Blue Grey 738A460
Violet Grey 737A460
Lilac 7105A460
Cobalt Violet Light 719F778
Manganese Violet 795E681
Cobalt Violet Pink 772F778
Rose Violet 741A460
Cobalt Violet Pale 758C565
Stable Violet 734B506
Mineral Violet 760A460
Brown Red 768A460
Coffee Brown 7102B506
Brown Pink 736D634
Aureolin 769B506
Indian Yellow 727D634
Yellow Ochre 708A460
Gold Ochre 7101A460
Raw Sienna 749B506
Mars Orange 776A460
Light Red Bright 742B506
Rose Grey # 2 775B506
Rose Grey # 1 774A460
Red Ochre 735A460
Burnt Sienna 722A460
Burnt Sienna Deep 759A460
Burnt Umber Light 7106A460
Burnt Umber 721A460
Raw Umber Light 7100A460
Raw Umber 720A460
Sepia 777B506
Payne’s Grey 778C565
Ivory Black 723A460
Lamp Black 7107A460
MonoChrome Cool 773B506
Grey of Grey 724A460
Foundation Grey 755B506
Foundation Greenish 779B506
Foundation Umber 754B506
Zinc White 725B506
Silver White 739B506
Titanium White 740B506
Permanent White 7108B506
Foundation White 7109B506
Transparent Medium 751A460

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ShinHan Professional Oil Color from ShinHan Art is carefully crafted and formulated for the discerning artist. Each color contains pure, high concentration artist-quality pigments for a high degree of luminosity and brilliance. All colors offer a rich, creamy consistency ideally suited to precise mixing on the palette.

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