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[SOLD OUT] Synesthesium: Wine+Sketch February 29, 2020


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Have a glass of verdejo, rosa, and rioja from Spain while sketching at our wine + tapas night! Be inspired by the flavors and paint whatever you feel.

Out of stock

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SYNESTHESIUMS AT ART WHALE are multi-sensory experiences that culminate in visual expression. At a Synesthesium, we invite you to explore different senses and emotions, and just paint them, however you want. What color is a taste? What shape is a sound? What medium is a feeling? The goal is inspiration, not instruction. ⚡

We won’t tell you how to draw or paint, because we want to preserve your unique creative styles. Whether you’re an illustrator or an abstract painter, all you need to do is show up, use whatever you need from our selection of art tools, and immerse in the moment. 🍷

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