Turner Acryl Gouache is a brand of matte acrylic paint manufactured in Osaka, Japan. Acrylic artists can use these paints, made with high-quality pigments, on various surfaces including paper, canvas, wood, metal, glass, and fabrics. These standard, versatile colors come in 100mL individual tubes.

White 1 A616
Jet Black 9 A616
Permanent Lemon 10 A616
Permanent Yellow 11 A616
Permanent Yellow Deep 12 A616
Permanent Orange 14 A616
Permanent Scarlet 20 A616
Permanent Red 21 A616
Carmine 22 A616
Pink 25 A616
Yellow Ochre 32 A616
Burnt Sienna 34 A616
Sepia 35 A616
Permanent Green Light 42 A616
Permanent Green Middle 43 A616
Olive Green 46 A616
Viridian (Hue) 47 A616
Sky Blue 51 A616
Cobalt Blue 52 A616
Ultramarine 53 A616
Prussian Blue 54 A616
Violet 62 A616
Aqua Green 141 A616
Blue Compose 152 A616