Turner Acryl Gouache is a brand of matte acrylic paint manufactured in Osaka, Japan. Acrylic artists can use these paints, made with high-quality pigments, on various surfaces including paper, canvas, wood, metal, glass, and fabrics. The Japanesque series, inspired by the traditional color palette of nihonga or Japanese art, comes in 20ml individual tubes.

J. White152
J. Gray152
J. Blue Gray152
J. Red Black152
J. Dark Gray152
J. Pale Yellow152
J. Enamel152
J. Deep Yellow152
J. Strong Orange152
J. Scarlet152
J. Yellow Red152
J. Red152
J. Red Purple152
J. Deep Red152
J. Pale Pink152
J. Deep Pink152
J. Red Brown152
J. Grayish Red152
J. Grayish Beige152
J. Beige152
J. Strawberry Red140
J. Ivory Yellow140
J. Deep Beige152
J. Yellow Brown152
J. Brown152
J. Greyish Brown152
J. Burnt Umber152
J. Black Brown152
J. Deep Brown152
J. Pale Green152
J. Light Green152
J. Yellow Green152
J. Olive Green152
J. Green Light140
J. Deep Green152
J. Dark Green152
J. Grayish Green140
J. Black Green152
J. Dark Yellow152
J. Pale Blue152
J. Light Blue152
J. Blue152
J. Dark Blue152
J. Deep Blue152
J. Prussian Blue152
J. Black Blue152
J. Pale Lilac152
J. Lilac152
J. Sky Blue140
J. Violet152
J. Deep Purple152
J. Black Purple152
J. Grayish Purple152
J. Blue Gold213
J. Red Gold213
J. Green Gold213
J. Black Gold213
J. Blue Bronze213
J. Copper213
J. Red Bronze213
J. Silver 380 B213
J. Black Silver 381 B213
J. Iridiscence I300
J. Iridiscence II300
J. Iridiscence III300
J. Iridiscence IV300