Nitram Charcoal Starter Kit


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Each package contains:
4 Sticks (1 each): H, HB, B, B+
Slim Sharpening Block
Includes extra set of replacement pads


H – Hard, perfect for fine lines and detail
HB – Medium, for drawing and sketching
B – Soft, for dark notes and shading
B+ – Extra Soft, for rich blacks

Nitram Charcoal Starter Kit924

Out of stock


Is Nitram Charcoal a willow or vine charcoal?

Nitram is neither willow or vine charcoal. It is produced using a unique process that maintains the wood’s cell structure to increase durability and prevent breakage while providing rich blacks and superior tonal values.

Does Nitram Charcoal produce a lot of dust when used or sharpened?

Due to its unique manufacturing process, it creates less dust when used or sharpened – making it a better choice for those sensitive to the dust of willow and vine charcoal.

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