Talens Bleached Linseed Oil 025


Purpose: For the artist to make his own paint and painting medium
Composition: Linseed oil

  • Increases the gloss and the drying time of the paint film
  • Increases the risk of the paint film wrinkling
  • Shows less yellowing in dark conditions than Purified linseed oil; the yellowing largely disappears in daylight
  • Can be thinned with white spirit or turpentine
Talens Bleached Linseed Oil 025 - 75ml452


Talens supplies a large and very complete range of auxiliaries, essential for practically every painting technique.
These auxiliaries are divided into mediums and varnishes. The auxiliaries are accurately geared to the specific requirements of each technique. They ensure a good technical composition and conservation of the work or change the properties of the artists’ paint.

The various Talens oils serve primarily as ingredients for the artist to prepare his own mediums and paint. It is not recommended to use pure oil as a medium. A medium must never consist of more than 40% oil. This would make the paint film too fat and too sealed, making it difficult for a next layer to adhere onto it. What’s more, the more oil is added, the greater the risk of wrinkling.

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