NT Cutter Cushioned Grip Swivel Precision Knife SW-600GP


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Rotating feature makes easy to cut curved lines

  • Aluminum die-cast holder swivel art knife
  • Anti-slip, cushioned elastomer grip / Made of recycled materials
  • 11mm diameter of grip
  • # of blade included:BDC-200P (30 degrees) x 5
  • Replacement blade: BDC-200P (30 degrees)
  • Weight of Knife: 0.6 oz.
  • Cutting Material: Paper, card stock, any other thin material
  • Made in Japan
NT Cutter Cushioned Grip Swivel Precision Knife SW-600GP400

In stock

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NT Cutter is a brand of precision art knives from Japan. It is the brand of choice for paper cutting and 3D artists worldwide, including the Philippines. A wide range of models are available to suit artists’ individual techniques.

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