Talens Alkyd Medium 007


Purpose: Increasing the flow and/or transparency of oil colour, making the paint fatter, decreasing the drying time
Composition: Alkyd resin, white spirit

  • Increases the durability and elasticity of the paint film
  • Makes the brush stroke run, depending on the amount added
  • Hardly influences the degree of gloss
  • Slightly yellowing
  • Can be thinned with white spirit or turpentine
  • Suitable as glazing medium
  • Flammable
Talens Alkyd Medium 007 - 75ml486


Talens supplies a large and very complete range of auxiliaries, essential for practically every painting technique.
These auxiliaries are divided into mediums and varnishes. The auxiliaries are accurately geared to the specific requirements of each technique. They ensure a good technical composition and conservation of the work or change the properties of the artists’ paint.

The purpose of a medium is to influence one or more properties of the paint and to make the paint suitable for a certain application. Examples include consistency, gloss, flow, drying time, transparency and durability of a paint film. As an underlying (lean) layer absorbs oil from a subsequent layer, a subsequent layer has to contain relatively more oil. Think of the rule, fat over lean.
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